Anita Bryant returns from the grave…

She’s back here in Oklahoma!

The controversial Queen of Gay Hate, Anita Bryant, will be returning to the stage on July 9, 2010 for a patriotic performance in Yukon, OK before an Oklahoma-based group that has become nationally known for its malevolent attacks on gays and whose members include the husband of leading homophobe State Rep. Sally Kern.

Speaking of Sally Kern this is a good opportunity to give to my friend, Brittany Novotny, in her bid to unseat Sally.

My Mom went to Will Rogers High School with her back in the day, and was a fellow Oklahoma college beauty queen and Oklahoma State University twirler. She is wanting to attend the event so she can kick her ass. I might just take Mom to see her, so I can witness the “throwdown 1950’s beauty queen death match between beautiful progressive pro-gay rights Mom versus evil reanimated Anita Bryant corpse.”

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