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To the many other AMERICAblog features, we’re happy to add this new one:

AMERICAblog iRecommend

As the title suggests, AMERICAblog iRecommend is for your recommendations of exceptional books, movies, music, a good food recipe, a super vacation spot, a wonderful wine, a funny or endearing YouTube video, or even just a great park you’ve recently discovered. Maybe you have incorporated innovative ways to live well at less cost. Whatever you are into and have found to be particularly pleasurable or informative or entertaining or useful and would like to share with others, that’s why we have created iRecommend.

Think of Billy Elliot’s leap into the air in the movie’s final frame, that Ohhhhh moment of experiencing something especially wonderful.

To make the thread easily searchable for people looking for interesting stuff, please make your comment a brief description of what you are recommending and if you can, add a link to more details. Additional recommends can be made in a new comment.

You will find a link to this post and its thread at the top of the middle column.

Thanks for your contributions.


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