Will Obama hear complaints tonight from LGBT leaders?

Today’s Washington Post features another round of unequivocal praise for Obama from HRC and CAP’s Winnie Stachelberg. (She’s a self-appointed leader of the LGBT movement, having concocted the controversial and complicated “certification” language in the DADT repeal compromise.) Of course, the inside-the-beltway access-driven leaders offer praise for the Obama administration. They view that as part of their mission, unfortunately.

But, the article notes that there are many who aren’t happy with the cautious small steps the President is taking. After all, he vowed to be a “fierce advocate” — and he’s not. The Post reporter predicts Obama will hear complaints tonight at the cocktail party:

Obama remains under pressure from some members of the gay community to move more quickly and forcefully on the major battles with Congress. A group of activists interrupted his speech at a Democratic fundraiser in California last month, yelling that he should do more to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

He will probably hear similar complaints Tuesday night, when he hosts a Gay and Lesbian Pride Month event at the White House for the second year in a row.

Will Obama hear complaints tonight?

Will any of the LGBT leaders from the state organizations challenge Obama to actually follow through on his campaign promises? The DC-based groups don’t do it. But, will our state leaders push the President?

We’ll see. But, the White House counts on the fact that people who get invited to events get so excited and intimidated that they wouldn’t dare to ask hard questions. It works on the leaders who are based in DC, you know, the ones who should be immune to it. So, they probably have no worries about people coming in from around the country.

If anyone is so inclined to ask the President any questions, there are plenty of issues to ask about. Will he ever stop defending DOMA and DADT in the courts? (And remember, he doesn’t have to.) When will the DADT discharges end? Will he lobby for ENDA? Why wouldn’t he help us last fall in Maine — and why did OFA undermine our efforts?

HRC and CAP won’t challenge the White House. Hopefully, some state leaders will. We’ll see.

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