Swedish foreign minister under investigation for possible war crimes associated with time on board of oil company

Apparently Sweden has its very own Halliburton.

An oil company accused of major crimes, now that’s novel. This is from a Swedish paper, here’s a rough translation of a snippet from a Swedish friend:

Swedish police and prosecutors are currently investigating the accusations against Lundin Oil’s actions in Sudan. There is information indicating that crimes against international law may have been committed during the time Carl Bildt was on the board of directors.

The Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt was a board member of Lundin Oil (now Lundin Petroleum) during a part of the period when it is claimed that the company supported waging of war the resulted in 12.000 deaths. The accusations of Lundin Oil’s supposed involvement in war crimes in Sudan peaked when a coalition of 50 European volunteer organizations (ECOS) presented new evidence in early June.

According to Tomas Ackheim, head the Police Commission on War Crime, the new ECOS report presents new grave facts.

– Personally I believe it is enough for a preliminary investigation, he says.

Preliminary investigations are directed at individuals and not corporations. Hence in this particular case it will be primarily the conduct of the Lundin Oil board of directors that will be investigated. People who were on the boeard, for example Carl Bildt, can therefore, if crime is proven, be charged with war crimes or assistance thereof.

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