Report: Japan bribing with cash and hookers to end whale hunting ban

So this is what Obama is supporting? Really? Besides being immoral, how can an economy with as many problems as Japan even afford such a political freak show? It is a joke to believe that giving in to such a corrupt system will somehow produce a result that is not corrupt. It’s as if the Obama administration and other “rich” nations like New Zealand agreed that yes, it makes sense to allow the mafia to do just a little bit of drug trafficking, prostitution and blackmail because that will be enough to satisfy their business requirements. Surely they will not do more, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see something other than wishful thinking when negotiating deals with Wall Street, Big Oil and now the whale hunting industry? Wishful thinking simply doesn’t resonate with some people. As someone who spent a fair amount of time trying to work in Japan, none of this story is shocking. As much as I love Japan and the people, this is all too believable.

Japan denies buying the votes of IWC members. However, The Sunday Times filmed officials from pro-whaling governments admitting:

– They voted with the whalers because of the large amounts of aid from Japan. One said he was not sure if his country had any whales in its territorial waters. Others are landlocked.

— They receive cash payments in envelopes at IWC meetings from Japanese officials who pay their travel and hotel bills.

– One disclosed that call girls were offered when fisheries ministers and civil servants visited Japan for meetings.

Barry Gardiner, an MP and former Labour biodiversity minister, said the investigation revealed “disgraceful, shady practice”, which is “effectively buying votes”.

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