Religious right freaking out that a mosque might be built near Ground Zero in NYC

And mind you, while they’re alleging all sorts of quasi-terrorist ties between the Imam running the mosque and groups that supposedly support terrorism, Pat Robertson’s ACLJ goes out of its way in the email I just received to make it clear that the simply fact that the building is a “mosque” is enough to disqualify it from being built anywhere near the former site of the World Trade Center.

Why’s that? Because the religious right doesn’t believe in religious freedom. They want to shut other religions down and have America only run by far right Baptist bigots. That’s why they don’t want a mosque near Ground Zero. Because they don’t like Muslims. Of course, the religious right doesn’t like Catholics either (the religious right thinks the Catholics worship Satan – seriously). So it shouldn’t be surprising that they have a problem with other faiths too. (I’m not posting the email since it is pushing some petition – I don’t plan on helping bigots.)

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