Palin endorses Obama-Hitler comparison

The problem is two-fold:

1. Regardless of whether you believe anyone should be talking about Sarah Palin, the woman is a leader in the Republican party, and could, by a fluke of nature, end up president some day. So it’s important to report on her inanities, if only to keep people informed of what a lightweight nut she really is.

2. The media has, to a larger part, accepted that Palin is a nut. Sure, they report on her every move, because they have to, but at the same time they’re loathe to examine her comments and hold her responsible for them because, secretly, they know she’s a little stupid, and nuts, so they give her a pass on actually discussing the implications of her comments. Had a leader of the Democratic party – an aspiring presidential candidate, no less – compared George Bush to Hitler, it’d be the end of their career. Now we have dingbats like Palin, and even GOP members of Congress, making the comparison with impunity. At some point, the media needs to stop reporting what Republicans say, and start analyzing it for the extremist, and dangerous, rhetoric it actually is.

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34 Responses to “Palin endorses Obama-Hitler comparison”

  1. shinyorbs says:

    please! She has NO chance of becoming the USA’s first woman president no way!! what makes you say that? half of America is stupid, the other half isn’t

  2. Zorba says:

    Absolutely, Griffon. I agree.

  3. ndtovent says:

    Yes, they are. Like Ed Schultz said in a previous radio show broadcast, “GOD there are a lot of stupid americans out there!….”

  4. ndtovent says:

    Good post! I was also tired of palin ad nauseum in the media, but you bring up a good point. Maybe continuing to report on her outrageous behavior will keep her from being elected pres. someday. Every little bit……

  5. kenthomes says:

    Trust me – it will be the gays first before they get to the Jews, Mexicans, etc.

  6. ptymac says:

    it would be wonderful if the media would hold ALL politicians accountable to their statements, especially the fringes on both sides and ESPECIALLY the wing-nuts that make such ludicrous claims. however the media stopped providing critical thought long, long ago and only parrot the information that’s produce to appease their dwindling audiences. the fact is that most americans don’t care about news and only the fringes on both sides are avid news junkies so the media has to cater to either end of the bell curve as opposed to holding people accountable for their statements and thoughts

  7. nicho says:

    Sarah Palin? I’d rather be Para-Sailin’.

  8. Griffon says:

    Also, vote tampering of any kind should be upgraded to felony status. The importance of the People’s voice should not be understated.

  9. Zorba says:

    You know, some years ago, Maryland spent a lot of money switching over to optical scanners. They were read by machine, but they kept the paper you had marked, so if there was a question afterward, the ballots could be visually inspected and hand-counted. Then, in all the hoo-ha over the “hanging chads” in the 2000 election, Maryland threw out their optical scanners and installed electronic touch-screen voting machines, no paper trail. Needless to say, I started voting absentee ballot for all elections, and I wish everyone would have done the same. After this year, Maryland is supposed to switch to a verifiable paper record system. If they had just stuck with the optical scanners, they would have had a paper trail for all those elections, and saved a ton of money. Yes, you can fake paper ballots of any kind, and paper ballots can be “lost.” (Dog knows, there were all kinds of voting shenanigans with old-fashioned paper ballots back in Richard Daley the Elder’s Chicago, and in Lyndon Johnson’s Texas.) But it’s so much easier, quicker, and more effective to muck with the computer. No state should have ever, ever switched to touch-screen voting.

  10. NotTimothyGeithner says:

    But they were captains of industry?

    And we mustn’t forget the “heroes” who tried to kill Hitler as seen in the movie Valkeryie. They were the ones who drew up war plans and advocated for top notch military in the 30’s and supported Hitler to get those things.

  11. Aquarius40 says:

    John –

    I disagree with your phrase “because…she’s a little stupid, and nuts,…” I would say she’s VERY STUPID and just as bat-sh*t crazy as Rand Paul. But you’re definately correct that if a Dem said this, we’d never be hearing from that person again.

  12. Butch1 says:

    Correct. JP Morgan, Henry Ford and others were interested in getting rid of FDR and were on the side of the Nazis.

  13. NotTimothyGeithner says:

    I believe Hitler specifically cited that program in “Mein Kampf,” but that didn’t keep Prescott Bush and Joe Kennedy (more supposedly reasonable men) from having working relations with the Nazi regime.

  14. Butch1 says:

    How ironic that the Germans used an American model for experimentation on the prisoners and different races. We have owned this dirty secret all along and this country’s mindset hasn’t strayed too far from what we learned pre-WWII as witnessed in our foreign prisons of today torturing prisoners and experimenting on them. We already have blood on our hands and it isn’t far fetched to think that it could happen again. We already have our bête noir’s in place, brought on by a recession / depression, and the blame is hoisted upon the usual victims ( e.g. gays, brown-skinned aliens, liberals ) when the country needs a scapegoat instead of the real culprits. If that doesn’t hold them for awhile, they will start choosing which religion and its followers that need to be abolished in this new Aryan State. That brings us back to Jews and Muslims. It will not stop if this ever takes hold. ;-(

  15. caphillprof says:

    Human beings are not being represented in the Congress or in the White House or in the Judiciary. Corporations are in control. Everybody, left and right, votes for change and no change comes, perhaps some increment here and there, but no true change. Progressives are as aliented by Obama as are the uber right wingnuts. Palin is a demagogue and she is likely to make it all the way into the oval office.

  16. Butch1 says:

    It seems that every time “we the people,” mention going back to voting with a paper-trail, it is ignored and no one wants to pursue it. It is too expensive or some other such nonsense used as an excuse to screw us out of having our votes count. Those in charge of the election outcome, know it would hold them accountable in making sure the votes were properly counted. We have turned into a third-rate country where even the votes are tampered with and decided beforehand.

    When did we stop being represented by our “elected” representatives in Congress?

  17. lausunu says:

    As you have noted many times, and quite correctly, John, anybody with an (R) near their name always goes on the offensive, literally and figuratively, in lock step against others for doing exactly what they do and are guilty of tens times over.

    What I’m wondering, in the context of your observations about what the media needs to do to expose posers like Palin, is, what was the role of the media in Germany prior to the rise of Hitler to power? Any similarities?

  18. Butch1 says:

    Good points.

  19. unrepentant_expat says:

    To ignore their ignorance would probably be the greater danger. By not drawing attention to their madness will inadvertently legitimize their evil nonsense.

  20. NotTimothyGeithner says:

    Heres the thing. Hitler came to power, but the Brown shirts didn’t put him there. He stomped on the Brown Shirts at the first opportunity. The Oscar Schindlers of the world put Hitler into power. “Reasonable” people who spoke in complete sentences.

    Its a lot easier to stop an obvious enemy than the real enemy which is servitude and those who celebrate a negative peace. Look at Bush, the great driver of the war in the eyes of the American people wasn’t Cheney. It was that gosh darn heroic Colin Powell, a war criminal, the current President turns to for advice. The wars weren’t started by Rush. The problem was Ted Koppel going, “well if we are going to war, we might as well support it.”

  21. NotTimothyGeithner says:

    There is a danger with using satire. Many of these people are so inane they will not quite grasp the satire and only move to outcrazy the satire. Could you imagine Sarah Palin three years ago? She’s crazier than Colbert’s character Colbert, and even the character Colbert is becoming rational by comparison.

  22. dratthecat says:

    And this is why when we all indulge, and I count myself as one too, in our obama bashing, we are playing right into the hands of the right wing oligarchy waiting to take over.

    And they are so close – as close as November, 2010, to coming back from the dead to becoming the majority in at least one of the houses.

    The country is on the path to white power, just as in every instance of the white minority taking over and beating down anyone who stands in their way of gross exploitation, and it scares the poo-poo out of me.

    Even though I’m sorely disappointed in obama and feel that the rise of the new nazi minority is a great deal his administrations fault for not creating a narrative bigger than theirs, November scares me more than rahm’s next rant at us progressives.

    We’ve got to make ourselves vote – whether our hearts are in it or not.

  23. unrepentant_expat says:

    Using satire and sarcasm to mock these wingnuts and using there own words against them is our patriotic duty. Lets let them use their Second Amendment rights to shoot themselves in the foot and lets be around to rub some salt in their gaping wounds.

  24. Griffon says:

    True enough. God has very little to do with this country.

  25. Jim Olson says:

    I concur. And yet, people still listen to her, she still commands big speaking fees, and still fills rooms. Are Americans that stupid? If so, it’s time to move before the brownshirts come for us.

  26. Jim Olson says:

    If the media would simply stop reporting on every ignorant thing she said as if it was important, would she go away?

  27. Lisa says:

    Palin, Angle, Rand and the rest of the Teabaggers are seriously dangerous…We may make fun of them but most voters are ignorant idiots and one or more of these nutbags may get voted in.

  28. unrepentant_expat says:

    Holy shit! Your face is turning an ungodly blue.

  29. Griffon says:

    The real issue begins with the eradication of e-voting.The chances of a Sarah Palin reduce geometrically with each e-voting machine destroyed and the return to paper trails.

    Faulkner County, AR – Though the ES&S iVotronics were said have “worked to perfection” during testing and early voting, a number of election outcomes in the 2008 local primaries had to be reversed after it was discovered the internal numbers didn’t match with the systems “paper trails”. The County Election Commissioner said the failure “should not have been possible”.Sarasota County, FL – The 2006 special election for U.S. House between Vern Buchanan (R) and Christine Jennings (D) was ultimately decided by just 369 votes after an extraordinary undervote rate resulted in the disappearance of some 18,000 votes on ES&S iVotronics in Sarasota.Monroe County, AR – Thousands of votes are reported on Election Night, and then promptly disappear after the May 18th U.S. Senate primary election. Neither state nor local officials have yet been able to explain what happened or why.

    The fact that e-voting has successfully stolen our voting process is both frightening and an astronomically asinine acquiescence on our part. The results and process are proprietary information to private corporations, not the American people.Our democracy is not surviving such abject stupidity, nor am I holding my breath that the democrats will reform such insanity.

  30. Dennis Dugan says:

    Also special forced labor camps for those lazy, spoiled hobos, the unemployed.

  31. Anonymoose says:

    The irony is that the Tea Party IS America’s Nazi party, and if they ever come to power, they’ll make the German experience look like a cakewalk; Arabs and Jews and Catholics and Mexicans and Gays in reeducation/extermination camps — you betcha. Oh, and Hitler didn’t have nukes.

  32. Laslo Pratt says:

    Y’know, it’s not even that she’s a nut. It’s that she endlessly, mindlessly recycles and rearranges the same talking points. The words don’t mean anything to her.

  33. nicho says:

    I don’t think she’s a “lightweight nut.” When it comes to nutbaggery, Sarah is contending in the heavyweight class.

  34. Ksabovich says:

    Thank you John for paying attention, and bringing this to our attention. I think you are right on the money.

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