Outed Right-wing CA State Senator backing away from anti-gay positions

Roy Ashburn seems to be evolving, ever so slowly. The outed State Senator is showing signs of an awakening. The closet really is a horrible place:

State Sen. Roy Ashburn has begun taking some tentative steps toward backing gay rights, a little less than three months after the Bakersfield Republican was outed after a drunken driving arrest near the Capitol.

He vowed at the time to continue his staunch opposition to the expansion of gay rights – he has one of the strongest anti-gay records of any lawmaker – saying that is how his constituents would have him vote.

But since then, Ashburn has held several meetings at the Capitol with a major gay rights organization that he previously avoided, and on Thursday made an unusually personal speech that showed he is re-evaluating his thinking on some issues. Senate colleagues say he seems happier.

Perhaps Ashburn could make a visit to Capitol Hill to explain his evolution to the closet cases in Congress. But, they’ll have to deal with the reality that the GOP and its masters in the Religious Right aren’t so welcoming.

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