‘More environmentally friendly’ oil dispersants from Norway rejected

To be fair to the US cleanup effort, they’re not made by BP who continue to call the shots. President Hayward has other ideas about how to address the leak.

At the beginning of May, Nofo, a Norwegian industry association for battling oil spills, announced it would send 150 cubic metres (5,297 cubic feet) of dispersants.

The aid was to be used to help clean up the oil that has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico since the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20.

“The dispersants we use have not been certified in the United States even though they are more environmentally friendly” than the ones currently being used, Sjur Knudsen of Nofo told AFP, confirming media reports.

“The Americans are using Corexit, a powerful product,” which is considered highly toxic, he said.

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