Dem Congress isn’t pro-gay?

Well that’s a disturbing comment from HRC’s spokesman. If Congress isn’t pro-gay – and this is probably the best Congress we’re going to have for years to come – then why is the DNC constantly asking the gay community for money to keep this Congress in power? From AP:

“The reason why these policy changes are important is because we do not have ironclad LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) majorities in either house of Congress,” said Fred Sainz, a vice president at the Human Rights Campaign, Washington’s largest gay rights organization.

“People wrongly assume that having Democratic majorities in Congress means that your legislative goals will be met. That’s not the case,” Sainz said.

No, what people assume is that the gay community is a powerhouse that is respected in Washington, and that the tens of millions of dollars that HRC spends on an annual basis has influence on the legislative process. What people assume is that when HRC spends so much time and energy pandering to the White House so that the President will speak at their dinner, that the President’s appearance means HRC has power in Washington. That’s what people assume.

So now we’re being told that this isn’t the case?

What’s unfortunate is that HRC is now using the White House line (“oh but for the Congress we could fulfill all your dreams”). Well, Congress ain’t gonna get any better for a long time. So if HRC is giving the President and the Congress a pass on our legislative agenda – and that is what they just did, they gave the President and the congressional leadership cover by “admitting” that we can’t expect them to keep their legislative promises – then what’s the point of all of this? We now can only expect these executive branch half-measures that will likely be overturned by the next President? That’s all we’re getting?

The interminable excuses, while we have, for the first time in a generation, a Democratic president and Congress, are maddening. If HRC, the President and the Congress couldn’t pull it off with the overwhelming majorities in Congress, and the absurdly popular presidency, we handed them in 2008, then we really are doomed.

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