Chamber offering endorsement in exchange for votes against campaign reform bil

For anyone who wonders why we need campaign reform, the Chamber of Commerce is Exhibit A. This week, we learn via The Hill , the Chamber is on Capitol Hill trading endorsements for votes against the campaign finance reform bill. Now, that only works for members of Congress who are sleazy enough to sidle up to the Chamber. Enter Dan Boren (D-OK, but not a real “D”):

Business groups are using a variety of tactics to pressure House members to vote against campaign finance legislation.

One of those tactics is offering their endorsement ahead of the vote.

The Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday it’s supporting Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) for reelection — one of only a handful of Democrats it has backed this cycle.

“On issues ranging from competition in the healthcare industry to lowering taxes to reducing energy costs, Oklahoma’s businesses and workers have a tireless advocate in Dan Boren,” Bill Miller, the Chamber’s political director, said in statement.

The statement of support didn’t note Boren’s position on the Disclose Act, the legislation that would bolster disclosure requirements for corporate and union spending. But observers saw it as a sign the Chamber is using the offer of an endorsement to get members to vote against the bill.

Boren is expected to vote against the legislation.

What a coincidence, huh? These people are shameless. And, Boren votes against almost every Democratic initiative. He’s in bed with every dirty GOP special interest.

This year, Boren has a challenger in the July 27th primary, State Senator Jim Wilson:

We know that the goal of any Congressman should be to stand for something. My goal will be to improve the quality of life for my constituents without being obligated to special interests. The purpose of this campaign is to measure the number of constituents in Congressional District 2 who want progressive representation in Congress.

Boren stands wherever the Chamber of Commerce and Big Oil tell him to stand.

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