BP’s spokesperson gets his news about the spill from the news

Yesterday, on WNYC’s show, The Takeaway, BP’s new spokesperson, Darryl Willis, talked to John Hockenberry. Now, Willis is the guy who replaced Tony Hayward in the ubiquitous BP tv ads. So, you’d think he’s right on top of the situation, right? Well, he gets his BP news the same way “everyone else” does — watching the news:

HOCKENBERRY: “Then what happened yesterday with the robot that changed this containment cap situation and caused the oil to spill full boar into the gulf yesterday, has that been corrected?”

WILLIS: “My understanding, and again, I watch the news like everyone else is because I’ve been traveling in between Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, and focused on planes, is my understanding in watching the news last night is that the cap has been placed back on the well.”

BP is paying a lot of people and firms a lot of money to handle p.r. and damage control. Yet, BP’s spokesperson gets his oil spill news from the news. Just like us. That’s problematic because BP has done –and continues to do — everything it can to block media coverage.

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