Two of the four joint chiefs wrongly think DADT compromise repeals the law immediately; send letters to Congress about the wrong legislation

I’d like to think that you have to be pretty smart to be chosen to run an entire branch of the military. But yesterday, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey and Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz brought that assumption into question when they wrote letters to GOP Senator John McCain suggesting that the compromise “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation being debated today before Congress would immediately repeal the anti-gay law, before the Pentagon’s implementation study is completed.

That is utterly false. And a simple read of the rather short amendment, even by a non-lawyer, would clarify this point beyond a doubt.

You can read more about this on AMERICAblog Gay. But it really is disturbing the lengths to which our military leaders will go to subvert their own commander in chief, and to meddle in the democratic process. We’re supposed to have civilian control of the military. But somehow, whenever a Democrat becomes president, the military conveniently forgets this fact and believes, instead, that we live in Bolivia.

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