Maine GOPers trashed Portland school

By now, everyone has heard that the teabaggers took over the Maine Republican Party last weekend at the state convention, adopting a far right-wing, extreme platform.

In addition, Maine GOPers spent the weekend trashing one of Portland’s schools:

The Republican State Convention was held at the Portland Exposition Building, which is on Park Avenue, near the middle school. Party members from Knox County caucused in a classroom used by eighth-grade social studies teacher Paul Clifford.

When Clifford returned to school on Monday, he found that a favorite poster about the U.S. labor movement had been taken and replaced with a bumper sticker that read, “Working People Vote Republican.”

Later, Clifford learned that his classroom had been searched. Republicans who had attended the convention called Principal Mike McCarthy to complain about “anti-American” things they saw there, including a closed box containing copies of the U.S. Constitution that were published by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Maine Republican Party leaders have issued a written apology to King students and teachers.

These GOP/teabaggers are out-of-control.

Portland is my hometown and while I don’t know Paul Clifford, I do know people who do. I’m told that he’s a great guy. And, sounds it.

For the record, I did not go to King Middle School. I went to Jack.

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31 Responses to “Maine GOPers trashed Portland school”

  1. snack_attack says:

    A poster removed and a bumper sticker on the wall…”trashed”. Sounds like an extremist, leftist exageration to me. My son’s 4th grade teacher wore a pin supporting gay marraige at a school event. I didn’t whine and complain like a liberal (remember, free speech) After explaining what the pin supported, my 10 year old stated, ” Dad, that’s sick” Out of the mouth’s of babes.
    It’s odd that liberal speak of the classroom being the area of free thought. ACLU posters, I’m sure they were right there beside the teacher’s NRA posters. And before anymore of you leftist losers start spouting, …remember to be tolerant of my intolerance….group hug.

  2. AndrewJ says:

    College students trashed a few dean’s offices during anti-Vietnam protests, and over 40 years later the entire Left is still stigmatized. Will this event even be remembered six weeks from now? Don’t bet on it.

  3. ComradeRutherford says:

    George Orwell called this “Double-Think”.

    The ability to fervently believe two completely opposite ideas at the same time and NOT see any contradiction in that belief.

    Orwell used simple math, 2+2=4 AND 2+2=5. Now believe both of those expressions simultaneously and you get an idea of how it is to be a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian and/or Teabagger.

    Modern example of double-think #1: the Constitution of these United States is anti-American.

    Modern example of double-think #2: Big Government has too much power and it must arrest and deport everyone that can’t provide proof of citizenship on demand of any police officer.

  4. ComradeRutherford says:

    Here’s how goddamn stupid you teabagger libertarian conservatives are:

    The US Constitution is “anti-American”!

  5. Damned_at_Random says:

    I shudder to think of what they would have done in a SCIENCE classroom

  6. VJBinCT says:

    Is it time for them to be re-named ‘Trashbaggers’?

  7. caphillprof says:

    The Gestapo is in the wings, biting at the bit, any day now.

  8. mikebmikeb says:

    I’m glad to hear this.As Dmitry Orlov has noted, the US is collapsing as surely as the USSR collapsed. Collapse should be welcomed, if not even hastened.

    The T-tards are just making damn sure it collapses quickly.Egg them on. The US deserves to die.

  9. shell says:

    Out of control. The GOP can’t stop them now. The GOP had its chance but they were giddy with excitement, thinking this group would save them from the Bush Embarrassment.

    Hey GOP — The Tea Partiers are yours. You bought them, you paid for them. You OWN them.

  10. marvinmarks says:

    It’s time for Collins & Snowe to leave the party of the crazies.

  11. massage1599 says:

    Are you appearing at any local comedy clubs? I’d like to know so I can avoid them.

  12. message1599 says:

    “These GOP/teabaggers are out-of-control”

    Absolutely right. Witness the violence that occurred on May 1 during their May Day marches . . . oh, wait, that was liberals and Hispanics.

    Violence is predominantly on the left.

  13. citizen_spot says:

    I am reminded of a certain 1950’s teensploitation film called “The Violent Years” where a gang of four teen girls (actually middle class kids who have very bad liberal parents) are corrupted by “communist pinko liberals” to scoff at American “values”, gang rape a teen boy, and ….mess up a classroom at school. To paraphrase the words of the commie pinko liberal adult who paid the “gang” for this job, “Well, there are some who would like to see the school trashed, and it wouldn’t hurt if the American flags were torn down as well.” Well, they get caught in the act, and all but one dies in a hail of police bullets and a high speed car crash. As the lone surviving “gang member” is later dying in prison her last bitter words are “So what!”.
    That said, I find it interesting that these folks trashed a public school class room and complained about the anti-American Constitution of the United States being found in that same classroom.

  14. Marshall Y. says:

    Education and enlightenment are the diametric opposites of what the Teabaggers espouse. From now on they should be required to caucus in dank caves or at book burnings.

  15. ndtovent says:

    all that, plus a civil suit of that local gop branch.

  16. ndtovent says:

    wow…just…wow….They actually stole a poster and searched an 8th grade classroom?… Those f***kers ought to be brought up on charges. Every damn one of em

  17. usagi says:

    Excuse me? These assholes vandalized a classroom they were renting. Apology? Try criminal charges, reparations, loss of deposit, and being barred from use of the facility in the future.

  18. mirth says:

    No, that can’t be. They would have been afraid to open it.

  19. Fireblazes says:

    The closed box must have reminded them of their minds.

  20. devlzadvocate says:

    This sounds suspiciously “Third Reich” and a precursor to Kristallnacht.

  21. Fireblazes says:

    The really annoying thing about the TeapartyRepublicans is that when you call them on their sh!t, they accuse you of being uncivil. By the way I Need A Freaking Job

  22. Tyke says:

    Portland voted over 73% in favor of Gay marriage in the 2009 referendum. How on earth could that be misconstrued as approving equality by “a tiny margin”? Seems as if someone who actually lived in Portland would know this.

    Question 1: A Yes vote was to overturn gay marriage, No kept it in place

    Portland’s results
    Yes: 7250
    No: 20103

  23. Tyke says:

    The group that did this is the exact same sub group that drafted and submitted the Tea Party manifesto as a party platform and got it approved – The Knox County Republican Caucus.

    So here’s the thing: Their manifesto/platform is liberally sprinkled with references to the constitution and demands that it be followed more exactly. But if they are now declaring that very same constitution to be anti American, doesn’t that also make their manifesto anti American?

    Shouldn’t they now begin protesting themselves?

  24. Malcolm says:

    When Mainers turned down marriage equality, we knew it was time to move on. Even Portland, where we’ve lived for the past 11 years, approved equality by only a tiny margin, and it’s supposed to be a liberal town. That vote was deeply shocking to us, and the events at King are deeply shocking too. It is time to move on, and if I were you, I wouldn’t move back.

  25. When I first read this post’s headline, I assumed you meant they “trashed” the school metaphorically. But, nope.

    Those people are animals.

    Oh, and how precious is it that a box of copies of the Constitution are deemed anti-American by these nutcases?

  26. Gridlock says:

    The constitution is un-American? Maybe modern America.

  27. Beffie says:

    It is not private property unless it is their property. It is not a violation of rights unless it is their rights. It is not free speech unless it is their speech It is not freedom unless it is their freedom, It is not representative government unless it represents only them. It is not constitutional unless it is the laws they pass. It is not patriotic if it does not conform to their views.
    It is not cognitive dissonance because they are not rational.

  28. Tyke says:

    “complain about “anti-American” things they saw there, including a closed box containing copies of the U.S. Constitution ”

    This explains a great deal.

  29. crshedd says:

    “For the record, I did not go to King Middle School. I went to Jack.”

    so you do know jack.

  30. Georgette Orwell says:

    I grew up in Cape Elizabeth and had been giving some thought to returning to the area. Note the past tense.

  31. PeteWa says:

    I’m shocked that the racist dolts who comprise the teabagging GOPers would act in such a manner.
    Just shocked.

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