HRC nixes bus for vets in order to pay for last-minute reception for Board Members during Veterans Lobby Day

I hear that HRC has just pulled out of its agreement to pay for a bus to shuttle 50 veterans in town for the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Veterans Lobby Day. The bus was to transport the vets to the Pentagon to meet with the Pentagon Working Group on DADT. What did HRC put that money to instead? A previously unscheduled reception for its board and steering committee members. Apparently showing off the event to the board is more important than actually making the event as effective as possible.

A source at Servicemembers United, the other main organizer coordinating the Veterans Lobby Day, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that “[we] have to fight a new battle every day, sometimes multiple times a day, with HRC to get them to simply do the right thing and put the interests of these vets and the issue ahead of [HRC’s] own organizational self-promotion. It’s really beyond belief.”

And yes we have a Metro in DC. And depending where you are in the city, it works quite well (we just don’t have nearly enough stations). The thing is, when you’re shepherding 50 people to an important meeting, it’s usually a good idea to have them all travel together, otherwise Lord knows when they’re all going to arrive (especially when they’re out of towners who have never used the DC Metro before). That’s why the bus matters. And in any case, HRC had already agreed to the bus, so scotching it for a reception, which does nothing to advance the cause of DADT repeal, is typical, but wrong.

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