Facing heavy criticism for not helping sufficiently defend marriage in Maine, Obama invited gay leaders for movie night

I have no problem with schmoozing. Private time with the President can be quite an effective lobbying tool. (And yelling at him can be even more effective.) But. This White House often seems to give the impression that it believes cocktails, movie night, gay bands in parades, and Easter egg rolls can take the place of real civil rights advances like ENDA, DOMA and DADT. So I worry when I see our leaders invited to “movie night” at the White House at the same time the White House is being blasted for dropping the ball on Maine’s marriage repeal. It gives the impression that the grassroots anger isn’t really real, since obviously our leaders are happy enough to enjoy a flick with the prez.

Again, I get the importance of access. But as HRC has shown, time and again, access without impact is meaningless, and in fact, counterproductive.

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