DNC – Another survey… ‘The Gays’ Marginalized again!

Well, it happened again. Remember when I complained about the DNC sending me a 2010 – Presidential Survey that wanted my opinion on national and local issues without addressing “the gays.”

I just received my 2010 Presidential Survey from the Democratic National Committee. Of course, it is just another nifty way for them to ask for money to get their agenda accomplished by their support of Democrats. The survey covered President Obama’s performance, National Priorities and a section on Democratic Party priorities. Funny, but there was not one word mentioning civil rights for LGBT Americans.

In the margin, where I was to rank my priorities from #1 – #14, I wrote, “#1 Following through on progressive promises regarding civil rights for the LGBT community specifically on ENDA, DADT and DOMA.”

Well, the DNC never got the message or worse, they got the message, and they just don’t care. I had to write in the margins again and complain they covered EVERYTHING but civil rights for the LGBT community and then had the nerve to ask for my gay dollars. What a fine metaphor. MARGINALIZED, AGAIN, by our supposed friends and “fierce advocate.” I’m loving the open letter John and Joe are asking us to sign, “Dear Democrats – We need to talk. -The Gays” It is obvious we, “The Gays” are being sidelined with our “supposed friends” when they can’t even mention us when asking for money.

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