Bill Clinton defends Goldman Sachs

I could somewhat understand Warren Buffet being blinded by his own massive investments in Goldman but Bill Clinton? Oh that’s right, it was the Clinton team – Larry Summers and Robert Rubin – who worked closely with the Republicans to create the Wall Street that ruined the global economy. Yes, they all left and cashed in leaving us little people behind to foot the bill. Cha-ching! People like Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers working so closely with Wall Street is one of the reasons why so many people around the world are furious. It’s sickening to see how casually they all ignore their part in this.

Bill Clinton may be somewhat correct that we should all “talk about the facts” and see that Wall Street did not do anything illegal. If their behavior turned out to be legal (and that is still up for debate) it was only because enablers like Clinton helped build that system that everyone else is now paying for or will be paying for soon. And yes, Bill, perhaps government spending needs to be addressed. We all know this means higher taxes thanks to mismanagement in the 1990s and beyond.

Bill’s personal balance sheet looks pretty good these days. It sure did take a lucky bounce after leaving the White House and decades of working in government. We should all be so lucky to have the ball bounce so favorably instead of the nasty bounce in the face that we’re all getting due to the crisis. Thanks for nothing, Bill. Now go away and don’t come back.

Former President Bill Clinton says it is “time to lower the rhetoric and talk about the facts,” in reference to the government’s scrutiny of Wall Street.

In an exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo, Clinton noted that while many financial firms are being questioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission, he does not believe that Goldman Sachs or CEO Lloyd Blankfein did anything illegal, based on what he’s seeing.

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