Wash Post: Republican National Committee rocked by resignations

From Cillizza at the Post:

The resignation of Republican National Committee chief of staff Ken McKay and the decision by media consultant Curt Anderson to sever ties with the committee marks a public airing of fissures that have marred the organization for much of Chairman Michael Steele’s tenure.

Steele’s remaining allies cast McKay’s departure — and the promotion of deputy chief of staff Mike Leavitt — as a long overdue move that will set the committee on the right path heading into the midterm election this fall. Leavitt won praise from, among others, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie who touted him as an “experienced political hand who knows the chairman well and how best to maximize his strengths.”

But, those allies were in a clear minority among the political professional class, much of which has long disliked/distrusted Steele and saw McKay’s ouster as the latest sign of a chairman who seeks to eliminate dissenting opinions. Anderson, who had played a central role in Steele’s surprise victory last January, had stepped back from day-to-day involvement with the RNC several months ago — leaving McKay as the lone voice of opposition to the chairman, according to several informed sources.

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