Vatican again links gays to pedophilia, France condemns Vatican

God bless France.

It is really the height of hubris for the Vatican, after aiding and abetting the rape of children for decades – and still trying to cover up that systematic rape – now tries to take the moral high ground vis-a-vis gays? Seriously? We’re going to believe the word of child rapists, and those who provide comfort and protection to the child rapists, on issues of morality? Seriously?

And now the Vatican is quoting “statistics” that supposedly “prove” that gays are behind the child rape scandal. It is interesting how the Vatican statistics parallel, almost to a T, the already debunked statistics of a known American hate group named the Family Research Institute. Heck of a coincidence.

The Vatican is now claiming that the majority of the cases involved men abusing boys, so clearly it’s a gay problem. Yeah, good try. First off, those claims were debunked a long time ago – priests tend to be with boys, and nuns with girls, it’s the way the system works. So it’s not a big surprise that the data would show same-sex abuse since that’s where the opportunity lies. Though I don’t believe for a minute “data” being provided by co-conspirators of child rapists.

And even were these bogus Vatican numbers true, how does that explain why the Pope helped to cover up the child rape? I don’t get it. There was a decades-long systematic effort to cover up the serial rape of children by the Catholic Church, and now we’re to believe that the reason senior Catholic officials, including the Pope, aided and abetted these child rapes is because the perps were gay?

So, the Pope is okay with gay men raping children, is that the Vatican’s new talking point?

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