Servicemembers United calls on Obama to insert DADT repeal language in budget, now

From Alex Nicholson, the executive director of Servicemembers United:

The White House has been caught off guard by the fact that the standard line on DADT that they thought would satisfy the LGBT community for 2010 (i.e., the President already supports full repeal of DADT and that it’s now out of his hands) is not working. The White House seems to have calculated that the LGBT community would simply not catch on to the nuanced fact that the President can and should still put repeal language into the defense policy transmittals that the administration sends over to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees each year for recommended inclusion in the National Defense Authorization Act. But now the community – from its elites to its grassroots activists to its non-political masses – is well aware of this possibility, and it is demanding that the President act.

The activists that interrupted the President’s speech at the Boxer fundraiser in Los Angeles were not just calling for the President to support repeal. When the President responded as if this was all they were asking for, the activists followed up with a chorus of “Insert the language! Insert the language!” To this nuanced demand, the White House has yet to craft a sufficient response, and it is running out of time. Perhaps that’s because the only sufficient response will be to comply. That, Mr. President, would be the right thing to do.

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