Senator Schumer asks Treasury to block carry-on luggage fees

While I’m in agreement with him that people are tired of being nickle and dimed by the airline industry, the charges don’t look that bad to me. Passengers can still bring a bag that’s large enough to carry a laptop without having to pay anything extra. At the moment, without such charges there’s generally a mad rush to get on fast and cram everything you have in the overhead bins. If you are not in early (or your other flight was delayed) you’re not going to find anything because everyone else has decided to pack big bags overhead.

The New York Democrat is making a personal plea to the Treasury Department to rule that carry-on bags are a necessity for travel, which would make them exempt from a separate fee outside the ticket price.

“Airline passengers have always had the right to bring a carry-on bag without having to worry about getting nickeled and dimed by an airline company,” Schumer said. “This latest fee is a slap in the face to travelers.”

Schumer said carry-on bags often contain medications and other necessities, particularly for families. Carry-on fees artificially avoid higher ticket prices and the taxes applied to tickets, Schumer said.

Unless there’s some tricky language that is in there, people should be able to bring a bag that includes everything mentioned above. Here is the link to Spirit Airlines site describing the size of the bag that is allowed. I have a fairly large laptop bag (that can hold two laptops) and it’s within the limit. Again, it’s not that I don’t appreciate Senator Schumer’s attempt to help passengers, but this looks OK.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Without getting in to the merits of whether carry-on bags should be charged or not, I’d like to see legislation that simply requires airlines to include all of their “fees” in the price of the ticket online (or offline). So if I’m comparing flights on a Web site, I can see the actual price of the ticket, all fees and charges included.

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