Senate Repubs. are really mad at Harry Reid for making them vote on Wall Street reform

Senate GOPers are mad at Harry Reid because Reid is making them vote to end the filibuster of the Wall Street reform bill. Here’s the thing: Republicans wouldn’t have to keep take these cloture votes if they’d just end the filibiuster. It’s their choice.

I do love that Harry Reid is playing hardball. Clearly, the GOPers didn’t expect it. Now, they’re stuck siding with Wall Street every day. Via The Hill:

On Tuesday, Republicans voted to defeat a motion to begin debate on Wall Street reform legislation.

It was the second time in two days that Reid scheduled a vote on the matter, and he plans a third vote on Wednesday and a fourth on Thursday, according to a Democratic aide.

Reid also scheduled a vote Monday evening, during the dinner hour, to force senators to show up on the chamber floor, a move that was seen as punishment for Republicans voting to block the Wall Street bill earlier in the day.

Reid could bring lawmakers back to the chamber again after regular hours to discuss Wall Street reform, disrupting their evening schedules.

Senators hate to have their evenings disrupted. That’s prime fundraising time.

Some Senate GOPers think Reid is being really mean:

Some of these tactics have vexed centrist Republicans, whose votes are necessary to pass a reform measure.

Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), who earlier this year bucked his party to advance Democratic jobs legislation and an extension of unemployment benefits, said the repeated votes are “absolutely” counterproductive.

“I don’t think it helps,” he said.

However, according to reports, Voinovich said late Tuesday that even though he’s not likely to vote to begin debate on Wednesday, he will eventually vote for the motion if the talks continue not to be productive.

So, Reid’s strategy isn’t backfiring at all. It’s working. Chuck Grassley had the audacity to complain, too. That’s rich after the delaying game he played on health care.

Republican Senators have been mostly united in their strategy of obstruction. This time, finally, Harry Reid is making them pay for it.

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