Rep. Norton blasts Park Police for handling of DADT protest

From Bruce Depuyt at Newschannel 8:

Depuyt: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is blasting the US park police for their handling of a protest outside the white house last week.

As we’ve reported… Park police officers pushed reporters, Camera crews and others across Lafayette Park during a protest of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

*That* hampered journalists’ ability to cover the demonstration… which involved uniformed members of the service handcuffing themselves to the white house gate.

Video of the incident made it onto the Internet, where it went viral, sparking protest from liberals and conservatives alike.

Today on “Newstalk”… Norton said she was “shocked” by the video.. And she accused the park police of — quote — “horrible training”.

Norton: The press is all we have for goodness sake. The press is all we have in this country. And don’t you forget it. And if I can give you the best thing. The civil rights marches — we won because of the press, not because of the congress, for goodness sake.

Depuyt: A spokesman for the Park Police told politico officers made a mistake. David Schlosser say it was a “rookie, amateur” mistake and a “screw-up.” Norton said Park Police better get those officers “into some training — immediately.”

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