Pope Benedict’s birthplace vandalized with graffiti

It’s only “petty gossip” though and the Vatican has the full support of everyone. No need to show any remorse for raping children and then hiding the truth. The world loves the pope and fully supports their policies towards this scandal that isn’t a scandal. Just because someone painted “f*** yourselves” on the wall of the house doesn’t mean people are upset. Bloomberg:

The house in which Pope Benedict XVI was born in the southern Bavarian village of Marktl am Inn was vandalized overnight with an “obscene” phrase spray- painted above the main door, police said.

The blue graffiti was discovered early today, Bavarian police said in a statement on their Web site. Authorities, who estimate the damage at 1,500 euros ($2,040), have painted over the text to cover it up. Police are searching for the person who vandalized the house.

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