More evidence that the Pope ‘was a part of a culture of cover-up and confidentiality’

More evidence emerges that Pope Ratzi shielded dangerous “satanic” pedophile priests in the Catholic church. A round of schadenfreude for all of us who have been victimized by this pope’s homophobia. Happy Easter, Your Holiness!

The abuse cases of two priests in Arizona have cast further doubt on the Catholic church’s insistence that Pope Benedict XVI played no role in shielding pedophiles before he became pope.

Documents reviewed by The Associated Press show that as a Vatican cardinal, the future pope took over the abuse case of the Rev. Michael Teta of Tucson, Ariz., then let it languish at the Vatican for years despite repeated pleas from the bishop for the man to be removed from the priesthood.

And this:

The details of the two cases come as other allegations emerge that Benedict – as a Vatican cardinal – was part of a culture of cover-up and confidentiality.

“There’s no doubt that Ratzinger delayed the defrocking process of dangerous priests who were deemed ‘satanic’ by their own bishop,” Lynne Cadigan, an attorney who represented two of Teta’s victims, said Friday.

In the spirit of Easter, the Catholic church needs to stop insisting Pope Benedict XVI had nothing to do with these cases, and have some compassion for the pain of their victims. The way the church and Ratzinger acted in regard to the victims of child rape is depraved. Not to mention one of the priests in question was raping boys in the confessional. Seriously, how can Pope Benedict and the other church leaders have any kind of moral authority?

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