European air space opening as another cloud approaches

A few travelers might make it out today as more northern Europe airports start to open. The airlines are backed up for days though, so it’s going to take a while to get everyone back on schedule. Making matters worse are the reports of a new ash cloud plus the possibility of a second volcano in Iceland preparing to erupt. The airlines have run some test flights and have been lobbying heavily to open the skies (or at least, open the government wallets for bailouts) but both NATO and Finland have flown jets through the clouds and the engines have shown damage.

We’re still hosting our friend who is trying to make it to the US and a second friend comes through Paris later today en route to London with his family. They did the overnight train from Rome and then catch the Eurostar and will make it back a few days later than expected.

EU transport ministers proposed creating a core no-fly area, a limited-service zone and an open-skies area.

Dutch Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings said his country “taking a lead” in restarting flights, but warned that further suspensions might prove necessary if the situation worsens.

Swiss and northern Italian airspace will reopen from 0600 GMT, and France is opening some air corridors to Paris.

But the skies over Germany are due to remain closed until 1200 GMT, with some exceptions.

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