A kinder and gentler bigotry from the Obama DOJ

Josh Gerstein:

When top Justice Department official Tom Perez sat down with gay leaders in Milwaukee last week, a member of the audience challenged him about a legal brief the department filed last year which many in the gay community took offense at.

“Someone brought up the DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] brief and how hateful it was to LGBT people. He said look at least in the more recent briefs the language had been changed,” said Brion Collins.

What he means is, take a look at the most recent Justice Department legal briefs that still, every one of them, argue in favor of taking away our civil rights. But, they use nicer language now when taking the same positions that were taken by racists against African-Americans in the 50s and 60s.

And remember, the Obama administration ignores laws it doesn’t like. Unless those laws oppress gay and lesbian Americans. Then, the Obama administration actually defends the laws in court, even though they didn’t have to. And they lie to you, telling you they had no choice.

How can those people sleep at night?

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