Shouldn’t stimulus money for green technology benefit Americans?

Why is this even a debate? The stimulus money is American taxpayer money that is being used to help build the US economy. Last year when countries around the world (joined by the GOP) complained about “buy American” clauses, not a single one of those countries wasn’t doing the exact same thing at home. Comparing it to the isolationist policies after the Great Depression is too extreme. When you look at the high growth potential (and lack of job growth in the US) green technology is an area that the US needs to promote. China is investing heavily in this area as are most industrialized countries.

Joined by Sens. Robert P. Casey Jr. (Pa.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Jon Tester (Mont.), Schumer said at a news conference that the Obama administration has ignored concerns about foreign involvement in the clean-energy program and should halt funding until Congress can pass legislation to deal with the problem.

Schumer and the other lawmakers focused particular criticism at Cielo Wind Power of Austin, which has said it may apply for up to $450 million in stimulus funding for a massive wind farm that would be powered by turbines built in China.

“It is a no-brainer that stimulus funds should only go to projects that create jobs in the United States rather than overseas,” Schumer said. “These wind projects have a lot of merit, but the manufacturing should be happening here, not in China.”

Of course the GOP teabaggers are against this. They don’t see anything wrong with the environment as they suck from the teet of Big Oil. Of course, once these businesses are generating money, the GOP will be first in line to take credit for them and ask for campaign contributions.

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