Romney says that his health care plan in Massachusetts is nothing like Obama’s (except it is)

Sam Stein explains:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney insisted on Sunday that the health care reform plan he implemented in Massachusetts had no similarity to the one President Obama is championing, in part because Romney’s was state-based and Obama’s is a national overhaul.

The logic was a bit tortured. Romney, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” defended the universal health care system he put into place as governor as the “ultimate conservative plan,” the “ultimate pro-life effort” and one that is “working well.” But the Massachusetts Republican seemed incredulous that Obama would think of doing similar reform on the federal level.

Romney refused to acknowledge that his plan was similar to Obama’s. Though, as host Chris Wallace point out, on many key measures — an individual and employer mandate, subsidies for those who would have trouble buying insurance, and minimum standards for coverage — the two plans converged. The likely 2012 presidential candidate pointed out that the president’s plan included cuts to Medicare and additional taxes. But both of those measures are designed, in part, to provide funds to keep per capita spending down — something that the Massachusetts plan failed to do. Finally, Romney touted the fact that his plan included “no controls over insurance premiums, price controls,” which provides some explanation for why premiums in the Bay State are the highest in the nation.

So Romney’s new definition of a conservative is someone who acts like a liberal, but at the local level.

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