GOP attacks Dem candidate Carnahan support for stimulus, claims it didn’t benefit Missouri 2 weeks after GOP Rep. Blunt touted $1m MO stimulus project

Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan is apparently a vewy vewy bad person.

You see, she supports the stimulus, which CBO says has created up to 2.1m jobs. And even worse, her brother Tom apparently tried to bring some of that money to Missouri by following the legal process to apply for stimulus monies.

Well, the Republicans won’t have any of that – Missourians trying to bring their tax dollars back to Missouri. So the Republican party attack dog operation targeted Carnahan’s support today, claiming, among other things, that the stimulus didn’t benefit Missouri. Well, that will come as a surprise to Robin’s opponent, GOP Rep. Roy Blunt, who only two weeks ago visited a million dollar stimulus project in… Missouri!

Blunt, a southwest Missouri congressman, voted against the stimulus legislation last year but has been criticized as hypocritical by Democrats for publicly supporting local projects that received federal stimulus money.

On Wednesday, Blunt toured several Springfield-area projects funded through the Brownfield redevelopment program for contaminated sites. The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded about $1.1 million in stimulus grants for Springfield-area Brownfield projects.

Last July, Blunt attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new visitors’ center at a Neosho fish hatchery run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The facility received $1 million in stimulus funds to make it energy-efficient, including $100,000 for a solar water-heating system for pallid sturgeon.

With that in mind, check out the GOP now claiming that the stimulus didn’t help Missouri:

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Press Secretary Amber Marchand issued the following statement in response to these developments:

“It looks like the stimulus that Robin Carnahan supported may benefit her brother Tom, but it will not necessarily benefit the people of Missouri.

We already know that’s a lie. But just for fun, here’s even more money (and jobs) that the stimulus brought to Missouri:

In Plattsburg, Mo., a $1 million stimulus grant is paired with a $4.3 million low-interest loan to help build a water treatment plant. “Those two things you can’t be upset about,” said City Manager D.J. Gehrt.

In St. Joseph, the stimulus program directed more than $31 million to recipients like the school district, Missouri Western State University, the Department of Transportation and Community Action Partnership.

Gerald McCush, community development manager for the city of St. Joseph, oversees about $4 million aimed at increasing jobs through Downtown renovation and stabilizing housing situations for struggling residents.

And just today, we found out that because of the stimulus Missouri is getting some of those nifty new, and very expensive, full body scanners for its airport. I’d call stopping terrorists a benefit for Missouri. I guess the Republicans don’t.

But just as important, Robin Carnahan didn’t vote on the stimulus, she couldn’t – she’s not yet a member of Congress. But someone who is a member of Congress, and who did use his vote to help enrich a member of his own family – that is, if you call the woman you’re secretly screwing behind the back of your longtime wife “family” – is Congressman Roy Blunt:

In 2002, Blunt attempted to insert a provision in support of tobacco corporations into the legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security. According to the Washington Post, “The provision would have made it harder to sell tobacco products over the Internet and would have cracked down on the sale of contraband cigarettes, two practices that cut into Philip Morris’s profits.” Blunt said that he pushed for the provision after speaking with John F. Scruggs, vice president of government affairs for Altria. At the time, Blunt was dating Altria (the parent group that owns Philip Morris) lobbyist Abigail Perlman, whom he later married. His son, Andrew, also works as a lobbyist for Philip Morris in Missouri. In contrast to House tradition, the rider had not been cleared by the House leadership. It was removed from the final bill by an anonymous Republican member.

Roy Blunt for Missouri: Bringing new meaning to the word pork.

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