Friday Morning Open Thread

Good morning.

This was a pretty big week. The health care bill is done. Last night, by a margin of 220 – 207, the House voted to approve the reconciliation bill, which the Senate completed yesterday, too. The first round is over. No doubt, fixes will be needed. And watch how the insurance companies will still try to gouge people.

The Senate is in session today, but both chambers will be off until April 12th. Perhaps with an emboldened President, fresh off a major victory, we’ll see some recess appointments.

Obama has a low-key schedule today. This afternoon, he’s heading to Camp David.

The big question for the White House and Congress is: What’s next? There’s been a backlog created by health care. Will they rest on their laurels or do more? Here’s hoping they come down on the side of doing a lot more…the base still needs some love.

Let’s get started…

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