Did you hear the one about the dead guy who signed the letter supporting DADT?

In an embarrassing development for John McCain, and all “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” supporters, a supposed letter signed by 1,100 flag and general officers supporting retention of the DADT policy has become a bit of a fiasco for the good Senator.

The letter was prepared by a religious right activist, and John McCain famously, now infamously, used the letter during the recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on DADT as evidence for why the policy should not be repealed. Servicemembers United went through the list of signatories, just to check them out. Here’s what they found.

A dead guy signed the letter, from the great beyond.

Then there’s the signatory who says he doesn’t agree with what the letter says (at least he’s alive).

And the guy who says he never gave permission for them to sign his name to the letter at all.

And the guy involved with the youth sex scandal.

And the guy involved in Tailhook.

And the guy who said that minorities “don’t swim as well” as white troops.

And that’s only from a check of the first 200 names. Servicemembers United is now examining the other 900. Stay tuned.

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