Did HRC just take a jab at Dan Choi?

HRC has emailed out yet another fundraising email, this time with the headline “We can’t just fight — we need to win”. More than a few people I’ve spoken with wondered if HRC was taking a jab at Lt. Dan Choi, who is being kicked out under the DADT policy, and handcuffed himself to the White House fence last week to protest the President’s inaction (and “ambiguous” position) on repealing DADT this year.

Is HRC suggesting that activists like Choi don’t know how to win? Or that their efforts aren’t geared at actually winning? Or that they’re counter-productive or useless? We’ve heard this argument before from HRC defenders – that HRC gets politics, whereas the rest of us, who have been working in DC politics for 20 years, with quite a large number of victories under our own belts, don’t understand how the game is played.

If the game includes covering for the President when even Barney Frank finally admits that the White House isn’t fully on board with repealing DADT this year, then yes, we don’t understand the game HRC is playing. But we’re starting to.

Pam has more on the emailing.

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