Bluefin tuna ban collapses at UN

The EU became wobbly and Canada teamed up with Japan to knock this back. (Canada also managed to block a ban on trading polar bear fur because it would create problems for business. What the?) The arguments against the bluefin ban are ridiculous because the industry is already shattered. They’re arguing that it will damage a business that hardly has any life left because they’ve overfished and overfished leaving a fraction of the bluefin tuna left to hunt. Commercial fishing fleets never know when to stop fishing so it tends not to happen until nothing is left. At least in the past we could expect more common sense policies from Canada but those days seem to be gone as well.

The trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna will continue unchecked after the rejection yesterday of a proposed fishing ban that had been described by conservationists as the only way to save the critically endangered species from extinction.

Japan and Canada along with scores of developing nations succeeded yesterday in preventing any restrictions being imposed on the harvest of the fish, which is highly prized in sushi restaurants, on the grounds that a ban would devastate the world’s fishing economies. Delegates at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) in Doha voted by a margin of 68 to 20 against a proposal to immediately outlaw the sale of bluefin. A weaker measure supported by the EU, which would have introduced a ban in 2011, was also rejected by 72 votes to 43.

The decision puts one of the world’s most majestic fish in imminent danger of extinction. Stocks of bluefin, the largest and fastest of all tuna species, have declined to roughly 15 per cent of historic levels. Migrating shoals of the fish, which grow to up to three metres in length and have been likened to underwater Ferraris, are plundered each year as they pass through the Straits of Gibraltar to spawn in the Mediterranean.

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  • “At least in the past we could expect more common sense policies from Canada…”

    Like all Gov’mnts, they’re always ready to speak up in areas that don’t actually affect them.

  • jefffrommiamilimo

    Sorry Charlie

  • wolvyz

    I did not expect this from Canada.



  • K_L_Carten

    My thoughts exactly, if people are serious about this, they would stop eating sushi. Me personally, I do not care for it, just the thought of eating raw tuna, not my thing.

  • pluky

    The 15% statistic is worse than it seems. Not all fish are equally fecund. The senior females, who produce vastly more roe per spawn than young adult females, are essentially gone. Even if fishing were halted tomorrow, it will take years for the breeding capacity of the stock to be restored.

  • James

    I can stop bluefin tuna fishing. Stop buying it.

  • mark yates

    Saw the excellent documentary – The End of the Line. It went into detail about the decline of the large fishes in the sea, some are down 90%… i’m suprised if there’s as much as 15% left actually.

  • freescv

    Don’t fret. This sucks but I’m sure an Open Source political party will evolve in Canada.

    Also love to see daily or wekly voting alonside our “leaders” to better give them direction on how to run a nation.

    Where’s my “iVote”???

    Vote down these horrible decisions with 30 million other Canadians!
    Sure as hell worked for Linux!

  • Gridlock

    Stephen Harper and his army of soulless, doll eyed conservative shitbags are ruining Canada.

    Conservatives are the same no matter where you go. All they do is destroy everything.

  • Hakiko Kurusawa

    F*** you Bru-frin tuna!!

  • SCLiberal

    There will be a ban one way or another: either man imposes one before the bluefin is fished to extinction or the bluefin becomes extinct. Fishing will be impacted either way—only one way is permanent.

  • Mona


  • kingstonbears

    Our apologies from “north of the border” but we are still stuck with Stephen Harper, George W. Bush’s clone. Need I say more?

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