The last time HRC promised us that DADT was on track…

May 7, 2009:

The White House, aware of the discontent, invited leaders of some prominent gay rights organizations to meet Monday with top officials, including Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s deputy chief of staff, to plot legislative strategy on the hate crimes bill as well as “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Among those attending was Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, who said afterward that while the gay rights agenda might not be “unfolding exactly as we thought,” he was pleased.

“They have a vision,” Mr. Solmonese said. “They have a plan.”

We learned one month ago – more than eight months after HRC’s president assured us that the White House had a plan on DADT – that in fact, the White House had no plan on DADT.

But this time, we should believe HRC when they tell us everying is going according to plan. Which plan would that be? The one HRC told us the administration had last May, but they really didn’t, or the one HRC claims the administration has now, even though sources on the Hill say it’s not true?

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