Senate passed jobs bill with votes, 70 – 28, including support from six GOP hypocrites who voted for filibuster on Monday

Monday night, the Senate broke a GOP filibuster of the $15 billion jobs bill with votes from Senators Bond (MO), Collins (ME), Voinovich (OH), Snowe (ME) and Scott Brown (MA). The roll call for that vote is here. And, wow, the teabaggers aren’t too happy with Brown because of his vote. And, Ben Nelson sided with the GOP, but we’re used to that.

Today, the final passage of the jobs was secured by a vote of 70 – 28.

So, this means that a number of GOP Senators who voted to block a vote on the bill on Monday, ended up voting for the bill today. Once the roll call list is online, I’ll post the list of the GOP hypocrites. These are the hypocrites who were willing to prevent the jobs bill from even getting a vote, but ended up supporting it: Alexander (TN), Cochran (MS), Inhofe (OK), Lemieux (FL), Murkowski (AK) and Wicker (MS). Senators Burr (NC) and Hatch (UT) didn’t vote on Monday, but voted yes today.

For Republicans, jobs are just another political issue. They’d rather obstruct than solve problems.

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