Orszag told me DADT savings were so small that they wouldn’t be included in the budget. Then why were even smaller savings included?

I wrote a few hours ago about how I asked OMB Director Orszag earlier today why the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell isn’t in the President’s budget. Orszag told me that the expected annual savings I cited, from $30m to $60m a year, were really quite tiny in the grand scheme of the Pentagon’s budget. To be precise, Orszag told me that those figures were “so small” as to be akin to a “rounding error” in the Pentagon budget. So we shouldn’t expect something so small to be in the Pentagon’s budget, and thus we shouldn’t take any meaning from the fact that DADT repeal isn’t there.

Then AMERICAblog reader Rich came along. Look what Rich found on the White House Web site – a document bragging about savings in the President’s budget. And a lot of those savings are under $30 to $60m. Let me share with you some of the Pentagon savings in that document:

* $12m EP-X Manned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Aircraft, Department of Defense
* $46m Navy CG(X) Cruiser, Department of Defense
* $9m Net Enabled Command Capability (NECC), Department of Defense
* $2m Air Force – Cellular Airtime Optimization
* $15.3m Army – Streamlining the Army’s Unemployment Compensation Process

They’re bragging about saving $2m dollars. In fact, they even devoted an entire page of the document to explain in detail the $2m savings. But $30m to $60m is a pittance that isn’t worth mentioning in that same document.

Looks like DADT repeal wasn’t mentioned for other reasons – not because its savings were too small to be important. So what’s the real reason the administration is refusing to start the ball rolling on the President’s promise to the gay community?

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