Max Blumenthal drives the CPACers crazy, sends Breitbart into frenzy

Several favorite parts of this video of our good buddy Max Blumenthal at the conservative CPAC conference, including one attendee talking about President Obama having “Hamas people in his cabinet… a former member of Hamas as one of his advisers… one of his czars.” In fact, he appears to be referring to a guy who worked for an international conflict resolution organization – a rather highly esteemed one, at that – who met with Hamas as part of his crisis resolution work. He worked on the Obama campaign until he quit after an uproar or his having met with Hamas. That’s the “cabinet member” who is a former Hamas official. Amazing.

And “white supremist”? The guy doesn’t even know proper English.

Max is pretty amazing, check out how he handles the crowd – unflappable. He has a great back and forth with Andrew Breitbart, a Drudge protégé during the last few minutes. Breitbart can barely contain himself, Max is calm as usual, letting his victims hang themselves on camera.


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