Liz Cheney on DADT: ‘It’s time for it to end’


Q: What’s your take on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

It’s time for it to end. The joint chiefs, certainly the chairman of the joint chiefs, has been clear about that and I think that the country really is at a place now where it’s time for it to end.

I think Democrats have a problem. We are hearing Republican after Republican come out in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Bush’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen. What we’re not hearing is Democrats telling us how we’re going to repeal DADT this year. Republicans, for some odd reason, have gotten awfully vocal lately – in a good way – on this issue and on marriage.

I remember somebody saying last year that if the Republicans really wanted to mess with the Democrats, they should endorse gay marriage. And some have. But it’s getting downright odd at this point how many Republicans – no, conservatives – think DADT is a non-issue. That Liz Cheney, who is revered by the right, would go to the biggest conservative conference of the year, CPAC, and around the same time the religious right is holding a panel about the evils of repealing DADT, she’s talking to the press about how the ban should be lifted. It’s huge. And it’s all the more evidence of how much of a non-issue politically the repeal of DADT really is.

So why hasn’t the White House laid out a clear path to repeal this year? And why hasn’t HRC demanded one? Hell, HRC has been claiming – against all other experts – that there already is a clear plan (there isn’t). Then again, HRC is busy planning their upcoming bar crawl and sending DADT action alerts about John McCain, who no one thinks will support repeal since he’s running against a Teabagger, rather than focusing their attention on the Democrats in the White House and the Congress.

As for the White House, I did get an email this week from their unofficial gay outreach folks pushing their Easter Egg Roll.

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