I just had lunch with Army National Guard Lt. Dan Choi

I just had lunch with Dan Choi, the Army National Guard Lieutenant who came out on Rachel Maddow’s show last March, and now is facing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell discharge proceedings as a result. Dan was in town, but is probably on a train to NYC at the moment to attend a Stonewall rally there at 6pm – we’d never met, had been following each other’s work, so decided it was time to meet up. He’s a great guy.

I told Dan I wasn’t planning on writing about the details of our conversation, because I wanted to have an honest discussion with him about where things stand, and what we can both do to make sure the ban is repealed this year. And I don’t think having on-the-record lunches is a great way to make friends and plot strategy. So, sorry about that, but I can say that he’s a good guy, and we had a long talk about where things are, and what each of us can do to get things moving.

Dan is very interesting, engaging, energetic, and if anything, nicer than his TV persona. And by that, I mean, Dan comes off, to his credit, very “military” on TV. That booming voice, the command of the language, the dead set tenacity. It’s great for rallying the country, but could be a bit intimidating for a lunch partner :-) Well, suffice it to say, Dan did not boom over lunch. I was just very impressed. He’s done us all a really great service, and is risking his career for all of us. Can’t say that about too many people.

Here’s Dan’s coming out interview on Rachel’s show:


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