HRC’s voice mail is full

Michelangelo Signore at Sirius OutQ just IMd me to say that HRC’s membership services voicemail box is now full. But actual HRC members are still being told to leave messages, and they’re not happy. Mike has a 10-year HRC member on the phone right now, on his radio show. The member is retired and former military, and he says the recording he got, instead of a real person, was a slap in the face.

Join the swarm.

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  • jwmurphy71

    I actually received a call from HRC last night shilling for $$$ as they do every February. I went off on the poor guy calling, wouldn’t let him get in a single word, that Salmonese is a complete suck-up to Obama so the beltway cocktail invites won’t dry up. I concluded by saying I was a “fierce advocate” of Don’t Ask Don’t Give.

  • fritzrth

    This is OT, but it struck me in your linked article:

    She ran a classic “take the voters and their concerns for granted” campaign, and lost the race to the GOP’s Scott Brown.

    The only difference between Coakley and Obama, IMHO, is that Coakley took “the voters and their concerns for granted” during her campaign and didn’t wait until after she had been elected.

    All in all, though, she sounds like a Solmonese candidate.

  • Piper T

    I just called and got a real person!

  • MPetrelis
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