Global gay role model sought in Norwegian pageant

My smart aleck snoring machine of a partner sent me this link with the snark, “You were born twenty years too early.”

OSLO (Reuters Life!) – Nearly two dozen men from five continents sashayed down the stage of an Oslo club on Saturday (13 February) night competing to be crowned Worldwide Mr Gay, the winner of an international pageant for gay men.

Of important political importance.

Six contestants, from countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, chose not to travel to Norway for fear of harassment at home.

Mr. Gay China was chosen in a secret competition after authorities raided the venue where the selection was to have taken place in January. Authorities said the event did not have the proper license.

I’m rooting for Mr. China to send the Chinese a loud positive message. The article states Mr. China will probably get in trouble with “Chinese authorities” when he returns from his participation. Oh, and my partner is right, snark or not, twenty years ago I would have won.

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