Dick Cheney today said it’s time to end DADT. Obama admin officials today said let’s wait a few years.

Breaking news this morning. Dick Cheney says he’s fine with the repeal of DADT. Joe and I both have weighed in over on AMERICAblog Gay.


[I]n the real world, people think DADT is going to end. That’s what people heard Obama say in the State of the Union. I hope the team at the White House, (led by Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina according to Politico) understand that there’s an expectation that the President will actually deliver. And, it’s important to remember that the President plays a key role here. He can include the repeal language in the budget recommendations for the Defense Department that he sends to Congress. It wasn’t in the initial budget, but there’s still time to do that. If Obama doesn’t send the repeal recommendation to Congress, then, he’s not serious. Members of Congress take the path of least resistance on every issue. If Obama doesn’t push repeal in his budget, members will view it as a signal from the White House and nothing real will happen. We’ll have gotten some nice speeches, but no action.

75% of the American people (including 64% of Republicans) are on board with gays serving openly in the military. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs indicated support for repeal. The Secretary of Defense is for repeal. Colin Powell wants the law repealed. And Dick Cheney is on board. But, Democrats at the White House and on the Hill are still fretting because they think this issue is too controversial. Ridiculous.


We now have Colin Powell (Republican), SecDef Gates (Republican appointee), Chairman Mullen (Republican appointee), Dick Cheney (Republican), Ted Olson (Republican), and the torture twins (Republicans), better than the Democratic party on this paramount gay civil rights issue. For years, we’ve been able to laugh in the face of gay Republicans who claimed the GOP was a viable alternative for gay Americans seeking their civil rights. No one is laughing any more. The Democratic party needs to wake up and realize that its political homophobia is losing it a constituency.

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