DC Archdiocese drops foster care. Hatred for gays trumps charity again.

You know the Golden Rule, as espoused by Jesus Christ, who is a major figure for Catholics, as I recall:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

For the Catholic Bishops, there’s a footnote that the rest of us don’t know about: The Golden Rule doesn’t apply when gays are involved.

Once again demonstrating that its homophobia trumps caring for those in need, the Catholic Diocese of Washington has given up its contract for foster care. Nick Seaver has more:

Following through on their promise to throw the needy under the bus to prevent marriage equality in DC, the DC Catholic Archdiocese has announced they gave up their 80-year-old foster care services rather than license gay couples to take care of children in crisis.

I hope all the gay priests in the Greater D.C. area are very proud of their church’s leaders.

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