Advocate mini-documentary: What Happened to ‘Yes We Can?’

The Advocate’s Washington reporter, Kerry Eleveld, produced a 12 minute documentary about the Human Rights Campaign and the Obama administration. Here is Kerry’s description of the video:

Gay rights issues are languishing in Congress, even with President Obama in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress. And, as Washington correspondent Kerry Eleveld reports, many gay people are turning to the Human Rights Campaign and asking, “What gives?”

The video includes interviews with HRC President Joe Solmonese, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, HRC Foundation’s Hilary Rosen, Act-UP founder Larry Kramer, and me. It’s quite well done, and interesting. I recommend everyone watch this, and share it. It’s really one of the best pieces I’ve seen to effectively crystallize where we stand vis-a-vis the White House, and vis-a-vis HRC, one year into Obama’s term.

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