VIDEO: Scott Brown smiled and nodded as supporter suggested he ‘shove a curling iron up her butt’ about opponent Martha Coakley

Imagine had a Democrat smiled and nodded because someone suggested you shove a hot curling iron up a woman’s ass. Imagine had candidate Obama done this. It would be the end of their campaign. But the media let John McCain and Sarah Palin get away with it when their supporters called Obama a terrorist and suggested that someone kill him. And so far, Scott Brown is getting away with finding it funny when his supporter suggests his female opponent be basically raped with a hot iron. And to think six months ago this was Ted Kennedy’s seat.

PS: Before the Teabaggers claim that someone else had yelled something too, so perhaps Brown was smiling and nodding affirmatively about some completely unrelated remark, they’d be correct. Right before the curling iron remark someone appears to suggest that Martha Coakley kill herself. So perhaps Scott Brown was simply smiling and nodding approvingly about the notion that his opponent die.

Hotline has the video:


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