Prop 8 defense doesn’t like discoveries

Yea, I would probably withdraw from the case, as well, if I had to defend some of the things Hak-Shing William Tam wrote about gays. Tam has now withdrawn as one of the defenders of the Prop. 8 case. Box Turtle Bulletin has the goods on this piece of work.

A second reason that I want to withdraw as a Defendant-Intervenor is that I do not like the burden of complying with discovery requests. I do not like people questioning me on my private personal beliefs. I do not like people questioning me regarding fourteen year old articles I wrote in the Chinese language to my constituents. I don’t like people focusing on a few articles I posted on my website regarding homosexuality and disregarding the 50 or 60 other articles I posted regarding family values subjects. I do not like the exposure of my history to people who are antagonistic to me.

An AP article transcribes a letter he wrote which should help prove he is unqualified, due to overt anti-gay bias, to argue the case in court.

In the letter, Tam outlined what he described as the disastrous consequences for allowing gays to marry in California.

“One by one, other states would fall into Satan’s hands,” he wrote. “Every child, when growing up, would fantasize marrying someone of the same sex. More children would become homosexuals.”

The contents could come up in the trial because one of the issues is whether the measure’s backers were motivated by anti-gay bias.

It is rich how Tam can’t even be honest about the real reasons he wants to withdraw. Does he not believe in the Christian principal of honesty? Could it be another example of “lying for the Lord” again? Tam gives lots of other sketchy laughable reasons why he wants to withdraw from the case in his pleading to withdraw. The most hysterically funny example of the supposed terrorism poor Tam has had to face was this gem:

“6. During the Proposition 8 campaign period a young woman tried to remove the Proposition 8 yard sign in my front yard. When I opened my door she ran. It is my belief she knew who I was and deliberately targeted me. She knows where I live.”

“She knows where I live.” ??!! Oh, for God’s sake he can’t be serious! We are supposed to feel sorry for Mr. Tam and the incredible violence and horror he has had to face from the woman who ran away? Puh-lease.

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