Politico buries fact that pollster predicting Coakley’s demise is a former Gingrich staffer

Nice of Politico to let us know, in the sixth paragraph of the story, that a pollster who is claiming that Coakley is in a “free fall” just happens to have worked for Newt Gingrich. Mind you, we’re not talking just that he’s a Republican. We’re talking he worked for a rabid, no holds barred, take no prisoners Republican who would do pretty much anything to win. Nope, no bias there.

Time for a blogger ethics panel.

UPDATE: Brad Woodhouse at the DNC weighs in on why you shouldn’t trust this poll:

1. It was conducted in one night — which is notoriously unreliable
2. It has a 20 percent Republican sample — which is 5-8 points more than most polls. Obviously skewing the sample more Republican than the electorate is — is going to skew the result in Brown’s favor.
3. The poll was conducted, and the charged quotes in the article are attributed to, a former aide to NEWT GINGRICH — which Politico pointed in the 6th paragraph.
4. Does anyone really believe — as this skewed poll shows — that Brown is going to win 77% of Hispanics and 26% of blacks? Those results alone should ring alarm bells about the accuracy of this poll.

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