Pam Spaulding on the secret meeting and lack of progress on LGBT issues

Pam nails it. The full post is a must-read, but these paragraphs are priceless:

We sad little know-nothings in Cheetos-stained pajamas saw this coming, but hey — we’re just rubes, politically unsophisticated, you know. Just not smart enough to understand how it all works.

Well, thankfully our movement’s movers and shakers are finally waking up to political reality — the cocktails for a few came along with a big “talk to the hand” for everyone else. Our community (or rather, those who do have access) must be seen seen as easy to buy off and stall.

Our movement has wasted the opening months of this administration trying to denigrate voices from the outside who knew our civil rights were going to get backburnered because of 1) health care, 2) the endless military debacles, 3) all other progressive causes waiting in line that have been out in the cold for years. The only way to move ahead in the line when it comes to civil rights and a group — LGBTs — is to stop the glad handing and to have a plan, not fret over the gay netroots.

The bottom line is that LGBT rights are not seen by the vast majority of potential allies as worthy of moving up the action chain because of the baseless perception that we are a political liability for elected officials and not really hurting. The black tie gladhanding is not seen as any indicator that hardball politics is going to be played. These elected officials drained our ATM to get elected. They work for us. The shuffling and tap dancing time is over, people.

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